Hearing this, I felt very sad and 56didn’t know how best to reply. I could 57only invite them to accompany my mother to visit Hangchow. Wet Nurse kept shaking her head, “how can farmers find time to leave their corps? Besides, we couldn’t afford the trip.” I looked around at Mother. She sighed and shook her head. So, 58even Mother herself did not wish to return to Hangchow. I felt confused.

That night, Ah-yueh and I lay side by side on the large bed with the two children between us.59As we patted them, we filled each other in on all that had happened since our separation. When she mentioned that her mother-in-law objected to her only giving birth to girls, she started to cry. But when she spoke of her husband, her face bashfully revealed her unspoken love. 661I really hoped that her marriage would be blessed with happiness. I told her some of the interesting or amusing stories about school. 61Sometimes she’d laugh, sometimes she appeared absorbed in her own thoughts, her large eyes empty and unmoving, as if she hadn’t really heard me.



56.Reply : to say, write or do something as an answer

                        Answer: to give a spoken reply to a question


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A Pair of Gold Bracelets

劉綺君(Lily Liu)

In my mind's eye[1], there has always been a pair of brace-lets [2]made of soft pure gold. One bracelet is on my wrist, the other is on the wrist of a girl, who though not a blood relative, has been like a sister to me.

She is my wet nurse’s [3]daughter, Au-yueh. She and I were born in the same month, I at the end of the month, she at mid-month, which is why she was given the name, Ah-yueh. My mother told me, for about the first year of our lives, we pair of “twins” were both cradled in the bosom of the same loving mother. Swinging four little fists, kicking at each other with our chubby little legs, we were both nursed on the same plentiful breast milk[4]. My mother did not have enough milk so I was entrusted[5] to the care of a wet nurse, who lived in a neighboring village about thirty lis away.[6] Besides breast milk, every day Ah-yueh and I each had half a salted duck egg and a bowl of thick rice gruel. We both grew dark and chubby. When I was one and a half, my paternal aunt insisted that I be brought back home. Soon after that, Mother and I went to Hangchow, which marked the separation[7] of this set of “twin sister.” Just before our departure, Mother brought out the pair of gold bracelets given me by her brother’s wife. She slipped one on Ah-yueh’s wrist and the other on mine, saying, “May[8] these two sisters enjoy long life.”


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可以抵達旅館 - 單人房 Single inn,單人房在全台共有三間分店,





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